Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Mobile Phone Online

Sadly, about 90 percent of discarded mobile phones per year end up in landfills instead of going toward other good uses. Recycling phones saves energy, and keeps the toxic chemicals out of landfills. Also, precious metals such as gold and silver from these phones could be used to make jewelry or more electronics. The best way to keep your old phone out of a landfill and put it toward good use is to sell the mobile phone for a profit. Here’s how.

1. Check Around the House

Couch cushions, desk drawers, even under the car seat are common places to find phones you or someone else lost or forgot. Before getting online to cash in on your latest discarded phone, check around and gather up any others that you can sell at the same time.

2. Don’t Discount Broken Phones

Just because it’s broken doesn’t mean it won’t be worth anything. There are vendors willing to pay for broken or unusable phones, so don’t toss it until you’ve done all your searching. If you aren’t able to cash in on the phone, make sure it goes to a reputable recycler, not the trash bin.

3. Search for Your Phone Manufacturer

Once you get your old phones together, search online to find vendors willing to buy your brand and model of phones. If you’ve got multiple phones, check to see if there’s a single vendor able to buy all of them. You might get the best price by working with each vendor per phone.

4. Choose the Company Offering the Most

Take your time during this process. Instead of going with the first vendor you see that accepts your brand, shop for the one offering the best possible price. If you’ve got multiple old phones to sell, research each one to find the top offer available. Often, the best prices will be with different vendors.

5. Post Your Phone and Choose Your Payment Method

In addition to the price you can get, also check to see how each vendor offers payment. Some issue checks, others pay via PayPal, and some offer prepaid credit cards (like gift cards). Decide which payment is best for you, and look for a vendor which can give you a good price as well as an acceptable form of payment. Also, pay attention to how long the vendor estimates payment to be made.

6. Get Paid!

Each company will issue specific instructions on how to ship your phone to their company. Follow the instructions carefully so you’ll be assured of prompt payment. In certain cases, failure to follow instructions could mean you forfeit your profit. Mark your calendar on the date you ship your phone, and mark the expected arrival date of your payment. Make sure to note the company’s customer service number in case you don’t receive payment by the date promised by the vendor.

It’s easy to make some pocket-money by selling those unwanted old mobile phones. Plus, you’re doing the environment a big favour by keeping those precious metals and toxic substances out of the landfill.