Recycle Mobile Phones for Cash

Compare mobile phone recycling with our free and straightforward comparison service that makes it easy to find the best possible prices for your old phones.

Not only does recycling help the environment, but it will also make you money – over £200 in some cases.

Current estimates suggest that there are around 50 million phones – that’s four per household – lying around doing nothing, apart from constantly depreciating in value.

Compare Mobile Phone Recycling allows you to evaluate the offer for your phone from different manufacturers side-by-side.

And the service is open to users of almost any phone. We have listings for all the leading phone brands – including Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

Using our uncomplicated system, you can search all the leading recyclers – companies such as Mazuma, fonebank, Envirofone and many more.

Even if your mobile is rather old and outdated, it can still be recycled, and we will show you the best price available.

Environmental Benefits

Selling your old phones won’t just bring financial rewards, as recycling also has a positive impact on helping the environment.

A typical mobile phone contains elements of nickel, lead, lithium and other potentially harmful chemicals. Mobile phone recycling companies will dispose of these harmful elements correctly, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

And it’s not just about recycling, as the mobile phone recycling companies are committed to reusing your old phone where possible.

Often, this will mean giving your old phone a new lease of life by sending it to be used in a developing market, where the cost of a new mobile phone is prohibitive.

So, in addition to the financial rewards and the chance to reclaim a drawer packed with old phones, by choosing to recycle your old mobiles you can have a positive impact on the environment.