How It Works – How Do I Sell My Mobile?

Selling your old mobile phone could not be easier. Follow these three simple steps to guarantee yourself the best possible price for your old mobile phone.

1. Use Compare Mobile Phone Recycling to search for your phone

You can either use the search box at the top of the screen and search for your phone model or search by manufacturer to find your phone.

2. Select The Company Who Offers The Best Deal

Once you have identified your phone model, the page will display a range of mobile phone recycling companies who are willing to offer a purchase price for your old phone. Compare Mobile Phone Recycling compares a range of the best phone recycling companies in order to offer you the best price possible for your old phone. However, when choosing the best deal it is important to consider other factors such a payment methods. Compare Mobile Phone Recycling offers a range of information about each recycler to make the selection process as easy as possible. Once you have made a decision about which phone recycling company you would like to sell your mobile phone to, you can click the ‘Sell Now’ button and you will be directed to that phone recyclers website to complete the transaction.

3. Post Your Phone And Wait For Your Cash

Once you have completed the transaction, follow the instructions provided by the phone recycling company regarding posting your phone to them. Most companies provide free postage and packaging for each transaction and will provide you with specific details of how to send your mobile phone to them. Finally once the mobile phone is received by the company, the condition and functionality of the phone will be checked and the phone recycling company will then send you your payment. Each company offers different payment methods and you can choose which payment method is most appropriate for you whilst checking out each company on the results page.