6 Reasons You Should Compare Mobile Phone Recycling Prices Online

If you’re like most people, you’ve got one or more old mobile phones sitting around the house. This is wasted money you could be using for something else. Aside from your pocketbook, selling these old phones online is the environmentally responsible thing to do. It salvages precious metals used to make the phones, and keeps toxic materials out of waste dumps.

1. Online Selling Gives You More Vendor Options

If you try to sell or recycle your phone locally, you’ll likely only have one place to choose from. In some areas, there really aren’t any buyers of old mobile phones. Online, you’ll have your choice of vendors. You can choose the one which offers you the highest price, the best payment method, and the easiest form of shipping.

2. All Brands Accepted Online

ost any brand and model of phone is worth something to someone. There are even vendors willing to purchase broken phones or phones’ missing critical parts. Most of the local buyers are only willing to accept phones in good working order, which excludes broken phones and phones no longer serviced by the carrier, such as those that don’t operate on current digital technology.

3. Online Vendors Offer the Best Prices

When you shop your used mobile online, you have tons of vendors to pick, letting you choose the one that can offer you the most for what you’ve got. If you attempt to sell locally, you’ll be stuck with the one offer available. This is likely to be less that what you can get for the same phone online.

4. Online Vendors Offer More Payment Methods

Local buyers will only offer you one form of payment, usually a small amount of cash or a check. There is an abundance of payment methods available online, including PayPal, a prepaid debit card, store credits, or perhaps a check. Do take the time to read the vendor’s payment policy before agreeing to sell. Make sure they’re offering prompt payment after receipt of your phone.

5. Online Selling is Convenient

With online selling, there’s no need to scour the phone book or drive around town looking for a buyer. It’s quick, easy, and all the instructions you need are clearly stated so you can do what is necessary to receive payment.
Note in your calendar what day you post the phone, and circle the date you expect payment to arrive. Be sure to keep the vendor’s phone number, in case your payment doesn’t arrive on time.

6. Online Selling is Environmentally Friendly

Not only are you keeping precious metals and hazardous materials out of landfills, you’re also saving fuel and eliminating emissions, since you’re not driving around looking for a place to cash in your old phone.

It’s the environmentally responsible way to get payment for something you’d ordinarily consider to be trash. When you compare mobile phone recycling programs, look for those with the best environmental policies.

Because most consumers discard an old phone and buy a new one each 18-24 months, keep track of the buyer you enjoyed working with. Then you’ll know where to begin the next time you have a used phone to sell.